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The Wombles cater for children from the ages of 5 months and upwards and by viewing the links on the left you will gain an insight into the facilities provided for each age group.

We have also outlined below, policies and information that apply to all aspects of The Wombles:

Wombles Crèche Puppet Show


The Wombles is committed to developing a curriculum that creates a child-centred, play-based environment, which empowers young children to actively pursue their own learning. Adults, who will encourage positive attitudes towards learning, will facilitate this process.

Daily Routine

The Wombles Crèche recognises that the establishment of a daily routine is essential for all young children. We strive to provide a programme of activities, which encourage the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and language development of the children who attend the service.

Children Playing


Our guidelines for curriculum are based on clearly defined aims and objectives. They include a variety of activities that provide for the physical development of the children. They also include stimulating sensory experiences (touch, taste, sight, sound and smell) appropriate to the child's level of development.

The curriculum encourages children to think for themselves, helps them to make their own decisions and find their own answers to questions. It provides an atmosphere that offers the children suitable challenges and stimulates problem solving.



We use the Buntus start programme, from the Dublin City Sports Network. This is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged 2-5 years old.

It has been designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school leaders can provide a wide range of learning opportunities for young children. This will help to develop their fundamental motor skills, manipulative skills, co-ordination and balancing skills and develop a positive attitude to physical activity.

We have adapted this programme for our children aged from 6 months so our younger children are also benefitting.

Buntús Start activities help children's learning in other curriculum areas by supporting and developing the following: Personal, social and emotional well-being, social and creative skills. Attention skills persistence and language and communication. Reading, writing, maths skills and knowledge and understanding of the world is also gained.

This is an exciting programme as there are huge benefits for the children. We use these skills both indoor and outdoor.

Child Development

Feelings of safety, trust and emotional security are encouraged. The children are helped to develop self-esteem by giving them the opportunity to be actively involved in their own learning. The curriculum provides for a range of stimulating and age-appropriate activities that assist children in understanding the needs of others, resolving conflicts and developing their communication skills.

Sociability, friendship and co-operation with others are encouraged, through the provision of co-operative play. There is an opportunity for children to mix with siblings, same-age peers and younger and older children. Children are allowed to learn at their own pace and we match all tasks with each child's level of ability and attention span.

The emphasis at The Wombles is fun and laughter. The older children are prepared for school and have the opportunity to travel on the school bus prior to starting school.

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Health and Safety

Kid Playing Outside Wombles Crèche

At The Wombles (Tallaght Crèche & Montessori), we will take all necessary reasonable stops to ensure the health and safety of each individual in the service. To achieve this, we maintain safe working procedures amongst staff and children. Our premises is also covered by CCTV. Fire drills are carried out on a regular basis.

The Wombles is registered with the Health Service Executive and meets the legal requirements of the Childcare Pre School Services Regulations 1996.

Car Parking & Safety

Car parking facilities are available in the front garden, at the side and outside the crèche. We ask parents to drive with care in these areas and please do not obstruct either our entrance, or the properties of our neighbours. If at all possible, the outside parking areas should be used by parents with one child, thus leaving the front garden for the use of parents with two or more children, or with children with disabilities.


Kids Playing in Wombles Crèche

We cook every day in our health board approved kitchen with the freshest of produce available.

Our menu rotates every two weeks for food variety and balanced nutrition, and is an eclectic mix of Wombles favourites and "a resource for pre-school", published in 2008 by the HSE. We avoid adding salt & sugar to our food.

We only serve healthy snacks and milk & water are our tooth friendly drinks. We cater for specific dietary requirements due to health reasons or religious/cultural preferences.

We use meal and snack times to give our children the opportunity to explore new food and to enjoy the social aspect of eating. The children especially love making their own fruit shakes & preparing some of the vegetables for our homemade soup.

The children pick the herbs from our herb container and vegetables/fruit from our vegetables/fruit containers which they help to plant each growing season.

If you have a "fussy eater" we can help with our varied diet, as there is something for everyone. Our menus follow the food pyramid, which is the definitive guide to ensuring your child gets all their daily nutritional needs.

Complimentary services:

Kids Playing in Wombles Crèche
  • We provide breakfast, dinner, tea, healthy snacks throughout the day and our tooth friendly drinks of water/cow's milk. We also provide comfortable bedding for sleep time.
  • Afterschool:
    We provide breakfast, dinner & tea and our tooth friendly drinks of water/cow's milk plus complimentary drop off/pick up from local schools.
  • Sessional ECCE:
    We provide all art & craft material. We also have our free breakfast club from 8.40am to 9am for children attending the morning session and dinner is available to the afternoon group for children wishing to avail of this service.
  • Settling in:
    We advise parents, if possible, to arrange with us visiting times for your child for a few hours during the week before he/she is due to start. This settling in period allows everyone to get to know each other in a relaxed manner. Of course if this is not possible then rest assured we always have extra staff on duty to help little ones settle in.
  • Newsletter:
    Our complimentary newsletter is packed with information, updates and much more, and is our way of keeping in touch with parents and letting you know how we are growing, changing and improving our service.

There are no hidden charges in any of the services we provide.

We are members of Early Childhood Ireland and are H.S.E. approved.

We have CCTV coverage in all of our rooms.

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Illness and Medicine

Boy Playing with Guitar

Parents may be asked to collect a sick child if the supervisor deems it necessary. A sick child should not attend the crèche. Parents must complete a consent form when medication is to be administered. The name and phone number of the local doctor, on call for emergencies, is beside the phone in the hall.

First Aid

A fully stocked first aid kit is kept on the premises. There is always a member of staff trained in first aid on the premises. Ongoing training is encouraged in this area.

Outdoor Play

The children have the opportunity to go outdoors each day (weather permitting), to our all-weather surfaced back garden.

We have lots of age appropriate toys, climbing frames etc. While outdoors, the children get the chance to:

  • Notice and appreciates changes in nature
  • Learn about the different seasons
  • Follow shadows around
  • User his or her body in increasingly skilful ways

We encourage children to wonder about what they see by asking questions:

  • What do you notice?
  • Where do you think they are going?
  • How are they different or the same?

Children love the freedom of being outdoors. We have a special covering on the ground outside, which dries within 20 minutes of a light shower. In summer, we have picnics, story time, fun and games, and sports day outside. In winder we have our organised exercise programme to help release some of that pent up energy!

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Child Protection Policy

It is the policy of our service to ensure that children are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with staff and volunteers in our service. We do this by:

  • Ensuring that our management and staff avail of training on child protection provided by the Health Service Executive and the Early Childhood Ireland.
  • Giving parents, children and workers information about what we do and what they can expect from us.
  • Making sure that our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, trained and supervised.
  • Letting parents know how to voice their concerns or complain if there is anything they are not happy about.
  • Having reporting procedures and a designated person whose role it is to:
  • Receive and consider all child protection concerns
  • Consult with the Health Board
  • Make a formal referral where appropriate, to the Duty Social Worker at the Southern Health Board
  • Developing codes of behaviour amongst staff and children and between staff and children.

Collecting Children

  • It is the policy of our childcare service that the person(s) named on the registration form may only collect children.
  • The parent/guardian must notify the staff if an unnamed person is to collect the child.
  • Only adults collecting children are allowed on the premises, friends/acquaintances are asked to wait outside, unless otherwise arranged with management.
  • Children must always be collected on time.
  • Children are not allowed to run around the crèche at arrival or departure times.
  • If siblings are to be collected, then the youngest child should be collected first.
  • Buggies should be retrieved before collecting your child.
  • Any other business should be completed before collecting your child.

Care Policy

Our care policy is an integral part of our commitment to ensuring a caring and enriching experience for your child while being cared for at The Wombles.

Miriam in Tiny Tots Room

Each group of children will have their own home base, however the children will have the opportunity to mix with other age groups and spend time in each play area throughout the week.

The children have their breakfast in the eating area of the kitchen. When the little children get up from their nap, dinner is served. After dinner the cobwebs are blown away with some fun and games in our large, enclosed, all-weather surfaced back garden.

Each group of children has qualified and experienced childcare workers assigned to it. Our childcare is based on having fun and on this basis we believe that children will learn without unnecessary pressure being placed upon them.

Staff and management have regular meetings to plan and review activities within each area of our facility and to consider the needs of individual children.

All our staff are registered with the Health Service Executive and staff training is ongoing.

It is also important for parents to talk to us about any concerns you may have regarding any aspect of care given at The Wombles. If we don't know of your concerns, we cannot try to sort them. So please don't talk about us, but talk to us.

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